Gregory Falcone
Owner/Operator, Chief Technician, Professional Driver and Jack of all Trades

Greg has been making things work, and work better, since the days of Tonka trucks in the sandbox. A longtime member of the PCA, SCCA and BMW CCA,  race winning driver, driver instructor, pilot, CDL driver and mechanic. Greg knows cars, trucks, race cars and all things mechanical. 

With a solid education, an honest character and a wealth of automotive experience, he aims to assist friends with their daily commute, or their weekend passion, through the business that is "Falcon Automotive."



Associates & Staff


Wendi Chapman
PR and Operational Support

An attorney by trade, with a wealth of experience in business operations, strategic partnerships, government relations, marketing and public relations, Wendi keeps the lines of communication open at Falcon Racing and the operations running smoothly and on time.  She is, as well, most definitely Greg's better half!